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'''Editor in Chief, {{bp|Bulbanews}}'''<br>
'''Style EditorAdministrator, {{bp|BulbapediaBulbagarden forums}}''' ([[and {{bp:User:Argy|profile]];Bulbagarden on hiatus)Archives}}'''<br>
'''Administrator, {{bp|Bulbagarden forumsBulbapedia}} andstyle {{bp|Bulbagardeneditor Archives}}'''until resignation August 29, 2009
* I have been a Pokémon fan since 1998.
* I haveam a {{wp|Bachelorprofessional of Science}}journalist in journalism and have worked for both student and professionalreal newspaperslife.
* I was a moderator at {{bp|TRHQ|TRHQ:NEXT}} before coming to {{bp|Bulbagarden}}.
* The only other anime I follow is [ Slayers].
==External links==
* [ Twitter feed]
** [ Bulbanews Twitter feed]
* [ Fanart]
* [ KanzakaDex] (creator/editor)