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The official site of TV Tokyo has recently revealed the two episodes of the {{bp|Pokémon anime}} to air after the second one-hour special on Oct. 1.
The {{bp|DP147|147th episode}} of the {{series|Diamond & Pearl}} will feature a {{bp|Double battle|tag battle}} between {{bp|Ash Ketchum|Satoshi}} and {{an|Dawn|Hikari}} and their newly met friends from the {{bp|Johto|Jōto}} {{bp|region}}, {{an|Kotone}} and {{bp|Kazunari}}. The battle will take place after Hikari's {{bp|Pokémon Contest}} in {{bp|Suiren Town}} during the {{bp|DP146|previous episode}}. This episode entitled「サトシとヒカリ!タッグバトル!!!!」 ''Satoshi and Hikari! Tag Battle!!'' is set to air on Oct. 15.
The {{bp|DP148|next episode}} will feature the {{bp|Evolutionary stone#Dusk Stone|Dark Stone}} and the two {{bp|Pokémon}} that evolve when exposed to it, {{p|Misdreavus|Muma}} and {{p|Murkrow|Yamikarasu}}. Both Pokémon evolve into {{p|Mismagius|Mumage}} and {{p|Honchkrow|Donkarasu}}, respectively, and all four of them have all appeared in the anime in previous episodes. In this upcoming episode, Muma and its female {{pkmn|Trainer}} will battle a Yamikarasu for possession of the Dark Stone. This episode entitled 「ムウマとヤミカラスとやみのいし!」 ''Muma, Yamikarasu and the Dark Stone!'' is set to air on TV Tokyo on Oct. 22.