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blurb=Oak'sUpdate: LetterIt has been confirmed by the official Pokémon site of Nintendo of Europe, allowingas well as several players toof catchthe Shaymingame, hasthat beenplayers announcedof forthe NorthPAL Americaversions of Platinum can also obtain the key item during the same duration. This is similar to the recent distribution of the Member Card.}}
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[[File:Oak Letter.png|thumb|left|Oak's Letter]]
[[File:Seabreak path.png|thumb|220px|Shaymin at Seabreak Path]]
Recently{{ud}} It has been confirmed by the official Pokémon site of Nintendo of Europe, Pokemon.comas announcedwell thatas startingseveral Septemberplayers 28of the game, that players withof Wi-Fithe canPAL Mysteryversions Giftof Oak'sPlatinum Letter.can Thealso Memberobtain Cardthe forkey Darkraiitem wasduring distributedthe notsame longduration. before,This possiblyis leadingsimilar to the recent distribution of the AzureMember FluteCard.
After the conclusion of the {{bp|Member Card}}'s distribution last Sept. 13, announced recently that players of the North American version of {{game|Platinum}} will be able to obtain the {{bp|List of key items in Generation IV|key item}} {{bp|Oak's Letter}} from Sept. 28 to Nov. 8. Similar to the distribution of the {{bp|Secret Key (Generation IV)|Secret Key}} and the Member Card, Oak's Letter can be downloaded via {{bp|Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection|Wi-Fi}} using the {{bp|Mystery Gift}} feature.
Oak's Letter allows players to meet {{bp|Professor Oak}} at {{bp|Route 224}}, where a {{bp|Seabreak Path|path}} will lead them to the {{bp|legendary Pokémon}} {{p|Shaymin}} at {{bp|Flower Paradise}}. It will be at {{bp|level}} 30 with the moves {{m4|Growth|Magical Leaf|Leech Seed|Synthesis}}.
Similar to {{ev|Movie|Shaymin}} distributed at {{bp|Nintendo events}}, players can take the Shaymin from Flower Paradise to {{bp|Floaroma Town}} to receive the {{bp|Gracidea (flower)|Gracidea}} that will enable it to change into its Sky Forme.
No distribution dates have been announced or confirmed by other international official Pokémon sites.
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