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tagline=Item triggers Shaymin event | announced today that starting Sept. 28, North American players of Pokémon Platinum can use the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to download the Oak's Letter, allowingkey item via Mystery Gift. Oak's Letter allows players to catchbattle Shaymin,and hascapture beenthe announcedlegendary forPokémon North AmericaShaymin. }}
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[[File:Oakletter.PNG|thumb|left|Oak's Letter]]
[[File:492Shaymin-Sky.png|thumb|right|Shaymin's Sky Forme]] announced today that starting Sept. 28, North American players of {{bp|Pokémon Platinum}} can use the {{bp|Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection}} to download the {{bp|Oak's Letter}} key item via {{bp|Mystery Gift}}. Oak's Letter allows players to battle and capture the legendary Pokémon {{p|Shaymin}}.
Recently,The{{bp|Member announced that starting September 28Card}}, playersa withsimilar Wi-Fikey canitem Mysteryused Giftto Oak'sencounter Letter.{{p|Darkrai}} Thein Member Card for DarkraiPlatinum, was distributed not long before, possibly leading to the distribution ofvia theWFC Azurethis Flutesummer.
After capturing the Shaymin, Platinum players can take it to {{bp|Floaroma Town}} to receive the {{bp|Gracidea}} item that will enable Shaymin to change into its Sky Forme.
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