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Season 4
== Season 4 ==
<!--{{bcbox-f|003|September 20, 2009|AiedailEclipsed, Blackjack Palazzo, Mitch, PokémonTrainerLisa, YeOldeJacob, & ♥Leeney Rose♥ |—|News, Anime, Arceus and its role in world religions, the creation of the Pokémon World, and the return of call-ins!}}-->
{{bcbox|002.5|September 22, 2009|Chosen of Mana, Dratini927, Satoshi-kun, & Square-kun|—|A "retrocast" that brought back some of the original Bulbacasters to the ring.}}
{{bcbox|002|September 16, 2009|ashita, Blackjack Palazzo, immewnity, PPNSteve, & Satoshi-kun|—|HGSS, TCG, Manga, Anime as well as the return of the question of the week.}}
{{bcbox-f|001|September 6, 2009|AiedailEclipsed, immewnity, Moises, PokémonTrainerLisa, YeOldeJacob, & ♥Leeney Rosé♥|—|Launch of Season 4, HGSS, RP announcement}}