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TV Tokyo reveals first episode for December 2009

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TV Tokyo has recently updated, revealing the {{bp|DP154|154 episode}} of ''{{bp|Diamond & Pearl series|Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl}}''.
This episode will feature {{bp|Ash Ketchum|Satoshi's}} most recently obtained {{bp|Pokémon}}, {{bpp|Ash's Gliscor|Glion}}, as well as {{p|Scyther|Strike's}} evolution, {{p|Scizor|Hassam}}. The episode entitled 「エアバトルマスター登場!グライオンVSハッサム!!」''The Air Battle Master Enters! Glion vs. Hassam!!'' is set to air on TV Tokyo on Dec. 3.
{{bp|Ash's Gliscor|Satoshi's Glion}} was first caught in the {{bp|DP064|64th episode}} of the series. Even before it was caught, it already showed some affection for Satoshi by crash landing on him several times. It was not used a lot in battle until its evolution in the {{bp|DP085|85th}} episode of the series, wherein Satoshi was able to obtain a {{bp|Evolution-inducing held item#Razor Fang|Sharp Fang}} from {{bp|Gary Oak|Shigeru}}. Satoshi used it against his two most recent {{bp|Gym}} {{bp|Pokémon battle|battles}}, where it was able to defeat {{bp|Byron's Bastiodon|Tougan's Trideps}}. However, it lost to {{bp|Candice|Suzuna's}} {{p|Snover|Yukikaburi}}.