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tagline=Hikari will use ManmooMammoo and Hinoarashi |
blurb=Th 155th episode of the latest series of the Pokémon anime, entitled ''Double Battle! ManmooMammoo and Hinoarashi!!'', was recently revealed to air on Dec. 10 on TV Tokyo.}}
{{no}}pocketmonsters has recently revealed the title of the {{bp|DP155|155th episode}} of the {{bp|Diamond & Pearl series|most recent series}} of the {{pkmn|anime}}.
The episode will feature a {{bp|double battle}} where {{an|Dawn|Hikari}} will use her {{bp|Dawn's Mamoswine|ManmooMammoo}} and {{bp|Dawn's Cyndaquil|Hinoarashi}}, her two most recently-obtained {{bp|Pokémon}}, in. It is currently unknown if this episode will feature a {{pkmn|Contest}}. The episode, entitled 「 ダブルバタル!マンムーとヒノアラシ!!」 ''Double Battle! ManmooMammoo and Hinoarashi!!'', will air on Dec. 10 on TV Tokyo.
Hikari is a {{pkmn|Coordinator}} who is currently trying to earn her fifth {{bp|ribbon}} to enter the {{bp|Grand Festival}}.