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Preview clip reveals events for future episodes

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* {{bp|Ash's Gliscor|Satoshi's Glion}} will learn {{m|Giga Impact}}. ({{bp|DP154}})
* {{bp|Dawn|Hikari's}} {{bp|Dawn's Mamoswine|Mammoo}} and {{bp|Dawn's Cyndaquil|Hinoarashi}} will train the "Flame Ice" combo for their next {{bp|Pokémon Contest}}. ({{bp|DP155}})
* {{bp|Zoey|Nozomi}} will be revealed to have a {{p|Kirlia}} and a {{p|Leafeon|Leafia}}. ({{bp|DP155}})
==Unannounced episodes==
* {{bp|Ash Ketchum|Satoshi}} will capture a {{p|Gible|Fukamaru}}.
* {{bp|Barry|Jun}} will reappear and {{pkmn|battle}} Satoshi's newly-captured Fukamaru with his {{bp|Barry's Empoleon|Emperte}}.
* {{bp|Zoey|Nozomi}} will be revealed to have a {{p|Kirlia}} and a {{p|Leafeon|Leafia}}.
* {{bp|Ash's Buizel|Satoshi's Bouysel}} will learn {{m|Ice Punch|Freezing Punch}} while fighting against a {{bp|Pokémon Trainer}}'s {{p|Mr. Mime|Barrierd}}.