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[[Image:Bulbanews logo.png|right|thumb|Bulbanews' logo, the bulb of Bulbasaur with a Poké Ball and radio signal superimposed on it]]
'''Bulbanews''' is a secondary-source (occasionally primary-source) {{bp|Pokémon}} news organization run by {{bp|Bulbagarden}} as a means of publishing Pokémon news quickly and effectively. Based on the concept of a {{wp|wiki}}, any of its registered users may submit a news article, which will be subject to approval by administrators before publication. The current editor in chief is {{u|Argy}}.
Like the Bulbagarden's collaborative encyclopedia, {{bp|Bulbapedia}}, Bulbanews is named after the Pokémon {{p|Bulbasaur}} and the fact that it is a news site. It utilizes images from the {{bp|Bulbagarden Archives}}, just as {{bp|Bulbapedia}} does.