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(New page: Welcome to '''Bulbanews'''. Part of Bulbagarden, Bulbanews aims to be a comprehensive, community-oriented Pokémon news service. The staff hopes visitors will join and c...)
Before posting, members are encouraged to read the guides for [[Bulbanews:Article submission|article submission]] and [[Bulbanews:Manual of style|style]]. Visitors and members alike can [[Bulbanews:Contact us|contact us]] anytime with questions, comments, or suggestions.
I hope you find our content informative and interesting. We are always looking for new writers who can contribute on a regular basis. Japanese language skills are a big plus. If you are interested, please post a message on [[User talk:Argy|my talk page]].
Thanks for coming, and enjoy your visit.
-[[User:Argy|Argy]], editor in chief