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156th Diamond & Pearl episode title revealed

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The {{bp|DP156|156th episode}} of the {{series|Diamond & Pearl|''Pocket Monsters: Diamond & Pearl'' series}} is titled ''{{p|Gible|Fukamaru}} and {{m|Draco Meteor|Dragon Meteor Shower}}!'' 「フカマルとりゅうせいぐん!」 and will air Dec. 17 on TV Tokyo, according to a Japanese magazine scan posted on Serebii.Net Forums today.
[[Preview clip reveals events for future episodes|As revealed earlier]], {{bp|Ash Ketchum|Satoshi}} will be using a {{p|Gible|Fukamaru}} to battle {{bp|Barry|Jun}}'s {{bp|Barry's Empoleon|Emperte}}. This Fukamaru is a {{bp|wild Pokémon}} who wishes to learn the {{bp|move}} {{bp|Draco Meteor|Dragon Meteor Shower}} from {{bp|Wilma|Grandma Tatsu}}, a {{bp|move tutor}} who lives in {{bp|Route 210}} but previously lived from a famous city of {{bp|Dragon Tamer}}s. Satoshi then decides to do some special training with the wild Fukamaru to help it learn the move.