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AG126 - Start the Preliminaries! Masamune Appears!

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blurb=EpisodeThe AGSaiyū 126Convention hasopens, screenedwith inSatoshi, Japan.Tetsuya Firstand spoilersMasamune andentering screenshotstheir nowfirst availablebattles.
[[Image:AG126_010.jpeg|frame|left|Satoshi and Masamune]]
Episode AG 126 has screened in Japan. The first spoilers and{{Archives|Category:AG126 screenshots are now available below. Original Japanese character names have been used.}}
A full episode synopsis will be made available on [[bp:AG126|{{Bulbapedia]] sometime in the next few days.|AG126}}
Advanced Generation episode 126 has broadcast in Japan.
The day before the Saiyū Convention begins, Satoshi is busy training his pokemon. Suddenly, he sees his rival, Masamune, chasing a giant {{p|Glalie}}! Later, Masamune falls into one of the Rocket-Dan's pitfalls, and he has to be saved by Tetsuya, the trainer with the Meowth in boots.
The day before the Saiyuu Convention beginsLater, SatoshiMasamune is busy trainingfighting his pokemon.first Suddenly,battle hein seesthe his rival, Masamune,League chasingagainst a gianttrainer Glalie!named Later,Jump. MasamuneCan fallshe intofend one ofoff the Rocket-Dantrainer's pitfalls,{{p|Electabuzz}} andwith hehis hasBeldum tothat bedoesn't savedknow bya Tetsuya,lot theof trainerdifferent with the Meowth in boots.techniques?
Later, Masamune is fighting his first battle in the League against a trainer named Jump. Can he fend off the trainer's Electabuzz with his Beldum that doesn't know a lot of different techniques?
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