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Goukazaru to make debut Feb. 11

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TV Tokyo has recently revealed that the title of the 163rd episode of ''{{series|Diamond & Pearl|Pocket Monsters: Diamond & Pearl}}'' is 爆進化!ゴウカザル!! ''Blast Evolution! Goukazaru!!''. It is set to air on TV Tokyo Feb. 11.
This will be {{p|Infernape|Goukazaru}}'s first TV appearance. It was first seen in the {{bp|Pokémon movie|movie}} ''{{bp|The Rise of Darkrai|Dialga VS Palkia VS Darkrai}}'' under the ownership of a {{bp|Pokémon Coordinator}} named {{bp|Allegra|Maki}}. A Goukazaru also appears in the opening song ''{{bp|The Greatest - Everyday!}}'' next to {{bp|Satoshi}}'s team. The title of the episode seems to confirm the speculated evolution of {{bp|Ash's Monferno|Satoshi's Moukazaru}}.
{{bp|Paul|Shinji}} is also set to reappear in this episode. He last appeared on TV where he was revealed to have obtained the eight Sinnoh {{bp|badge}}s.