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First Gen V Pokémon revealed in Pokémon Sunday

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[[File:PSGEN5.png|thumb|right|200px|The new Pokémon.]]
In an expected move, Game Freak has announced a new generation of Pokémon today during {{bp|Pokémon Sunday}}. The first Generation V Pokémon has been revealed. Many details are unknown at this point, but it is known that the new Pokémon will be starring in the next Pokémon movie, {{bp|Phantom Ruler Z}}. Some sites report that this mysterious Pokémon is Z itself, but as of now that is purely speculation.
Generation V has been anticipated since the release of {{bp|Pokémon Platinum Version}}. Its release is expected to be in 2010 for the {{bp|Nintendo DS}}, following the earlier announcement on the Japanese Pokémon website.