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I am the former editor in chief of Bulbanews (2005-2009) and a former style editor of Bulbapedia. I am also an administrator of the Bulbagarden Forums.
Former {{bp|Bulbanews}} editor in chief (2005-2009)<br>
Former {{bp|Bulbapedia}} style editor<br>
{{bp|Bulbagarden forums}} administrator
I am a professional journalist in real life. I was very active at Bulbagarden when I was a high school and college student, but now I spend most of my time working. I have been a Pokémon fan since 1998.
* I have been a Pokémon fan since 1998, when I was 11 years old.
* I am a professional journalist in real life.
* I was a moderator at {{bp|TRHQ|TRHQ:NEXT}} before coming to {{bp|Bulbagarden}}.
I have a bit of a collection of Japanese Pokémon merchandise, mostly of {{p|Treecko}}, {{p|Grovyle}}, and {{p|Sceptile}} and some other {{t|Grass}}-type {{bp|starter Pokémon}}.
===Pokémon I like===
[[File:001.png]][[File:026 f.png]][[File:034.png]][[File:123.png]][[File:150.png]][[File:202.png]][[File:227.png]]<br>[[File:229.png]][[File:252.png]][[File:254.png]][[File:257.png]][[File:387.png]][[File:389.png]][[File:448.png]]
===Favorite Pokémon I like===
[[File:001.png]][[File:026 f002.png]][[File:034003.png]][[File:123252.png]][[File:150.png]][[File:202.png]][[File:227.png]]<br>[[File:229.png]][[File:252253.png]][[File:254.png]][[File:257.png]][[File:387.png]][[File:389.png]][[File:448.png]]<br>
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