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[[File:HikariDPDawn DP.png|thumb|Hikari]]
After the airing of the {{pkmn|anime}}'s thirteenth anniversary one-hour special, a clip featuring upcoming events in ''{{bp|Diamond & Pearl series|Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl}}'' were once again shown.
The preview revealed the following:
* The {{bp|Sinnoh Grand Festival|Grand Festival}} will premiere on April 29 in the {{bp|DP174|174th episode}} of the series.
* {{an|Hikari}}, {{bp|Zoey|Nozomi}}, {{bp|Nando|Naoshi}} and {{bp|Ursula|Urara}} will enter the Grand Festival, all with new outfits.
* Naoshi has a new {{p|LuxioLopunny|Mimilop}}, and Urara has a new {{p|Flareon|Booster}}.
* Nozomi's {{p|KirliaMisdreavus|Muma}} andhas evolved into {{p|MisdreavusMismagius|MumaMumargi}} have<!--and evolved intoher {{p|Gallade|ErladeKirlia}} andhas evolved into an {{p|MismagiusGallade|MumargiErlade}}, respectively-->.
* {{bp|Ash Ketchum|Satoshi}} will use {{bp|Ash's Infernape|Goukazaru}} and {{bp|Ash's Pikachu|Pikachu}} against {{bp|Volkner|Denzi}}'s {{p|Luxray|Rentorar}} and {{p|Electivire|Elekible}}.
* Goukazaru will activate {{a|Blaze|Raging Flames}} once again in the said battle.
* The Sinnoh League arc will air in the month of July.