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A solution to the cooperation problem

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blurb=This essay is effectively a response to [[Is there a lack of cooperation in the Pokémon community?|Zhen Lin's excellently phrased editorial]] which discussed the effects of cooperation and the overall lack of cooperation in the Pokémon fandom. I propose a solution that addresses the problems created by both cooperation and a lack of it- a cooperative licensing agreement of data between sites. }}
We are living in what is effectively a niche market from the get-go. Pokémon is a niche interest. Certainly, judging by anime viewership and game sales, it is quite a large niche, with quite literally millions around the globe who share a common interest, but it is not even a notable plurality in the human race, much less a majority. And there is a significant amount of overlapping content needlessly: within the Pokédexes, within the episode reviews, within the card write-ups. That is a short list, which I know goes on, but I will forsake an exhaustive list, as brevity is the soul of wit, as they say.