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Twelfth Pokémon movie to be aired on Disney XD UK

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blurb=Disney XD has announced a premiere date for the final movie in the ''Diamond & Pearl'' movie }}
{{bp|Disney XD}} has shownannounced ana advertpremiere date for [[the final movie in the ''{{bp|Diamond & Pearl series}}''. A commercial has shown that ''{{bp|Arceus and the Jewel of Life]]}}'' statingwill thatair for the moviefirst will premieretime in the UK on May 28th 2010.
The movie revolves around [[{{bp|Ash]] Ketchum|Ash}}, {{an|Brock}},[[Dawn]] and [[Brock]]{{an|Dawn}} as they travel back in time to the town of {{bp|Michina}}. The premiere of the movie in the UK will be the first time that {{p|Arceus}}, the final Pokémon in the fourth generation, is shown in the anime.
''Arceus and the Jewel of Life'' premiered in Japan on July 18, 2009. International releases in Australia and the United States followed on November 6, 2009 and November 20, 2009.
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