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Sinnoh League Victors air date revealed

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tagline=New season to kick off June 5 |
blurb=MSNCartoon TVNetwork has revealed several air dates ofthat the upcoming season, ''Pokémon Diamond & Pearl: Sinnoh League Victors'', whichwill ispremiere setJune to begin this June5.}}
[[File:DP158.png|thumb|A screenshot from ''Regaining the Home Advantage!'']]
MSNCartoon TVNetwork has revealed severalwhen airthe datespremiere of the upcoming season, ''{{bp|Pokémon Diamond & Pearl: Sinnoh League Victors}}'', will be.
''{{bp|DP158|Regaining the Home Advantage!}}'', anthe first episode of the season, is focused on a {{p|Magnezone}} and a {{p|Metagross}}, and it will air on June 5. The nextair episodedate revolvesof aroundthe {{bp|Ash KetchumDP159|Ashnext}} and his {{AP|Buizel}} as they train in order to defeat a certain {{p|Mr. Mime}}. ''{{bp|DP159DP160|Short and to the Punch!two}}'' willepisodes, airwhose onEnglish Junetitles 12.were Thealso thirdrevealed episode,by ''{{bp|DP160|Aother Marathon Rivalry!}}''sources, iswere setnot in the {{bp|Pokéathlon}}, and it will air Juneyet 19revealed.
*[ MSNCartoon TVNetwork]