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Black & White; first impressions

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And yet, it seems I've misplaced my cynic-cap, and for the life of me I can't find it. This isn't to say I'm bent on loving these games, but I certainly didn't have the knee-jerk reaction of negativity I thought I'd have. Which is weird for me. Especially with a franchise that spent a better part of the last decade disappointing me.
[[File:Pokemon Black and White logos.png|left|thumb|250px|Pokémon Black and White logos]]
It seems {{bp|Game Freak}}/{{bp|Nintendo}} are finally ready to innovate again. Fortunately, this is coming at a time when the series is in desperate need of a bit of a shake-up. They've spent the last two generations tweaking the details to further perfection (be it the introduction of {{bp|abilities}} and {{bp|natures}}, the {{bp|Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Versions#Stat Changes|refinement of the EV/IV systems}}, the testing of the DS touch-screen waters, etc.), but left the core framework of the game nearly untouched. This made for an enjoyable, but ultimately hollow experience. {{bp|Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Versions|''Ruby, Sapphire''}} and {{bp|Pokemon Emerald Version|''Emerald''}} and {{bp|Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Versions|''Diamond, Pearl''}} and {{bp|Pokemon Platinum Version|''Platinum''}} were games that seemed to be building-blocks for better games. Maybe ''Black & White'' are those games.
The starters have yet to grow on me. {{bp|Pokabu}} and {{bp|Mijumaru}} in particular. They are way too cutesy for my tastes. Pokabu is quite goofy looking and Mijumaru looks like, to steal an apt comparison from a friend of mine, “the illegitimate child of a {{bp|Jynx (Pokemon)|Jynx}} and a {{bp|Bidoof (Pokemon)|Bidoof}}”. I will say, though, I am borderline in love with {{bp|Tsutarja}}. It is, to use a painfully outdated expression, too cool for school. In the art grouping all three starters, Tsutarja strikes me, based on its facial expression, as saying; “I'm hanging around these two fellows ironically.” But my complaining and my lauding are both relative. To each his own.
I said in my [[HeartGold and SoulSilver- a return to form or a lazy rehash?|previous article]], referring to {{bp|Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions|''HeartGold and SoulSilver''}}, that the idea Game Freak/Nintendo had to reach into its past to create a brilliant game worried me. This is still something that worries me. Not so much after what has been given to us (albeit limited) in regard to ''Black & White''. I don't want to get too pumped for these games, as I've learned my lesson before with this series. It does, however, seem as if novelty may be coming back to this franchise, and that is what it has been sorely missing.