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Black and White legendaries revealed

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[[File:Pokemon Black Boxart JP.png|thumb|220px|left|Box of Black Version, portraying Reshiram]][[File:Pokemon White Boxart JP.png|thumb|220px|Box of White Version, portraying Zekrom]]
{{ud}} Pokémon Daisuki Club reveals Reshiram and Zekrom type, which is {{type2|Dragon}}. Whether they will get a secondary type is currently unknown. Also, they have mentioned that there will be a big difference between the two versions, aside from the version-exclusive Pokémon and Pokémon's encounter rate.
Both the Japanese and English official sites have announced the new {{bp|legendary Pokémon}} for the upcoming {{game|Black and White|s}}: 「レシラム」 ''Reshiram'' and 「ゼクロム」 ''Zekrom''. The former will be featured in Black Version, while the latter will be in White Version. According to the Japanese site, the two Pokémon have a strong connection to the history of {{bp|Isshu}} and are key to the games' story.
Additionally, the North American and European versions of Black and White have been confirmed for a spring 2011 release date, as announced by press releases from Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe. The Japanese website has also specified their projected release date to be sometime in September.