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Australian Jirachi also distributing at Big W stores

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According to a newly distributed catalog, a select range of Big W stores in Australia will be distributing {{p|Jirachi}}. As with [[Jirachi to be distributed by Australian Toys "R" Us stores|the Toys "R" Us distribution]], it will run from June 3 to 13.
[ A set of instructions] available from the Big W website states that this Jirachi can be received with all five {{bp|Generation IV}} {{pkmn|games}}. Specifics concerning the Jirachi itself are unavailable at this time, but it is likely that it is identical to the Jirachi which will be distributed at Toys "R" Us, as well as several other countries worldwide. This Jirachi is not available via Wi-Fi. Receiving or trading it into {{v2|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}} will, as with all Jirachi, unlock the {{bp|Night Sky's Edge (Pokéwalker Route)|Night Sky's Edge}} Route on the {{bp|Pokéwalker}}.
*[ Big W cataloguecatalog (PDF)]
*[ List of Big W stores offering the distribution]