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More Black and White information surfacing

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Don't let the excitement spoil your grammar. D:
Scans from the June issue of CoroCoro have been leaked, and more information about the upcoming {{bp|Pokémon Black and White Versions}} is forthcoming.
The scans reveal new information about characters, moves and Pokémon in the games. They show the {{bp|regional professor}} to be female, named '''Professor Araragi'''. She is shown to have a '''Chiramii''' (Japanese: '''チラーミィ'''), the eighth nwenew Pokémon to appear in Generation V. A {{bp|Normal (type)|Normal-type}}, Chiramii has the abilities {{a|Cute Charm}} and {{a|Technician}} and can learn a new move called "Sweep Slap". Chiramii has the appearance of a white mouse, and may be a counterpart to {{p|Rattata}}.
A second new Pokémon, '''Munna''' (Japanese: '''ムンナ''') is shown obscured. A bird Pokémon is also shown, and there appears to also be a fourth Pokémon shown in the scans.