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Official site reveals 184th episode title

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[[File:DP184 temp.png|thumb|Screenshot from the episode]]
The official Japanese Pokémon site has just revealed the title for the {{bp|DP184|184th episode}} of ''{{bp|Diamond & Pearl series|Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl}}''. With the premiere of the {{bp|M13|thirteenth Pokémon movie}} on July 10, the {{bp|M12|twelfth movie}} will air July 8. Because of this, the 184th episode, 「シンオウリーグ三回戦!シンジ対ジュン!!」 ''Shin'ō League Third Round! Shinji vs Jun!!'', will instead air on July 15, making it the first episode to air after the movie.
While the {{bp|DP183|previous episode}} will feature {{bp|Ash Ketchum|Satoshi's}} {{pkmn|battle}} against {{bp|Nando|Naoshi}}, as well as the beginning of the {{bp|Sinnoh League|tournament}} on {{bp|Suzuran Island}}, the recently-revealed episode will feature the battle between two of Satoshi's {{bp|rival}}s, {{bp|Paul|Shinji}} of {{bp|Veilstone City|Tobari City}} and {{an|Barry|Jun}} of {{bp|Twinleaf Town|Futaba Town}}, with Jun using {{bp|Barry's Empoleon|his Emperte}} in the battle.