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Incorrect info on Triple Battles: new section
The last sentence says it is assumed that it can be sent to black and white. Shouldn't it say that it is assumed that it can be sent to black and white to unlock something? I thought the legendary beasts confirmed that you could transfer Pokémon. [[User:Turtwig A|Turtwig A]] 17:45, 14 July 2010 (UTC)
== Incorrect info on Triple Battles ==
The article says "Triple battles are set up so that the middle Pokémon is able to target all 3 Pokémon, while the ones on the sides can only target their opposite sides."
However, CoroCoro and the official Japanese website both state (CoroCoro has pictures too) that the Pokémon on the sides are able to attack not just the Pokémon opposite them, but also the Pokémon in the middle.
「逆に真ん中のポケモンは相手のどのポケモンからも攻撃を受けることになる」 (Triple Battles section 1 picture 4, Japanese website)
While the Pokémon in the middle is able to hit all 3 opponents and also gets an attack boost, it's also the only one at risk of attack from all 3 opposing Pokémon at once, so there's a trade-off.
Also this page fails to mention "kanji mode", but I guess anyone who'd find that useful would read about it from the Japanese site anyway. [[User:Hyperworm|Hyperworm]] 02:32, 16 July 2010 (UTC)