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Pokémon Sunday reveals new legendary Pokémon

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blurb=TonightToday, Pokémon Sunday has revealed a new legendary Pokémon forfrom Generation V. This is the third legendary Pokémon of the new generation to be seenrevealed after alongversion withmascots Reshiram and Zekrom. }}
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Tonight,[[File:PokeSun PokémonJuly25 Sunday has revealed a third legendary Pokémon for {{bp|Generation V}}10. This is the third legendary Pokémon to be seen along with {{bppng|Reshiram}} and {{bpthumb|Zekrom}}. The Pokémon, whose name is , is a -type Pokémon.250px|Victini]]
Today, {{bp|Pokémon Sunday}} has revealed a new {{bp|legendary Pokémon}} from {{bp|Generation V}}. This is the third legendary Pokémon of the new generation to be revealed after version mascots {{p|Reshiram}} and {{p|Zekrom}}.
The Pokémon, 「ビクティニ」 Victini, is #000 in the {{bp|Isshu}} Pokédex and its type is currently unknown. This is the same Pokémon seen briefly at the end of {{bp|M13|the thirteenth movie}} in a preview for the fourteenth.
[[File:PokeSun July25 10 2.png|thumb|250px|The Liberty Ticket]]
Victini may be obtained by players through the use of the 「リバティチケット」 ''Liberty Ticket''. This item will be given out via {{bp|Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection}} from Sept. 18 to Oct. 18.