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New Black and White info revealed

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blurb=A new video has recently revealed more new information forfrom ''Pokémon Black and White'', including some of its linking functions with the C-Gear and aspects of the battle system. }}
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[[File:Black White Team Plasma Grunts.png|thumb|Team Plasma grunts]]
A new video has revealed more new information forfrom ''{{bpgame|Pokémon Black and White versions|Pokémons}}, Blackincluding some of its linking functions with the C-Gear and White}}''aspects of the battle system. The videoC-Gear's hasfunctions, revealedpreviously thatdescribed, theare villainousshown teamin willdetail, bewith ''Teama Plasma''new (プラズマ団)feature known as "HiLink" revealed. AThis newfeature trainerwill byallow theplayers namenearby ofto Aloeappear (アロエ)in hasthe alsoover beenworld revealedin another player's game.
A new feature known as Pokémon Musical (ポケモンミュージカル), a possible successor to the {{bp|Pokémon Super Contests}} featured in the {{bp|Sinnoh}}-based {{game2|Diamond|Pearl|Platinum}}, was also shown, with a similar dress-up function to the Generation IV games.
Two new Pokémon were also shown for the first time: a deer-like Pokémon which remains unnamed, and ミルホッグ ''Miruhoggu'', assumed by its appearance to be the evolved form of {{p|Minezumi}}.
The Pokémon Dream World feature, which allows a Pokémon from the player's game to be uploaded to the internet and have adventures on a new Pokémon website, was further detailed; {{bp|Berries}} were shown growing in a garden, and further details of meeting Pokémon of previous generations in this dream world included a brief battle with a Pikachu similar to the Safari Zone or Pal Park, where none of the player's Pokémon were sent out.
The PokéShifter was also demonstrated, with wireless communications between two DS systems, one holding a Generation IV game and one holding a Generation V game, transferred over Pokémon into a parklike area where the Pokémon's menu sprites bounded between grass patches in a sort of target-practice mini-game.
The Isshu over world was further revealed, with differences between the over world of Black being contrasted with that of White. New Trainer classes, including an American football player, a nurse or flight attendant, a backpacker, and a baker, were shown. A train similar to the Johto-Kanto {{bp|Magnet Train}} was also demonstrated leaving a station, and battles will, like with the {{bp|S.S. Anne}}, {{bp|S.S. Aqua}}, and {{bp|S.S. Tidal}}, be able to be conducted on the train.
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