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don't make no sense (written as "didn't make any sense")
Given the recent character scans and information about the next anime series, the 190th episode of the series may focus on {{bp|Brock (anime)|Takeshi}} as he probably decides his future; whether to travel with {{bp|Ash Ketchum|Satoshi}} or to follow a different path. No additional information is available yet.
The Diamond & Pearl anime series {{bp|DP001|debuted}} on September 28, 2006 and it will end on September 9, 2010, almost completely four years later, with its 191st episode. This series fails isto be the shortestlongest so far, second only to ''{{series|Advanced Generation|Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation}}'', the previous series, by only {{bp|AG192|one episode}}. The next series, ''{{series|Best Wishes|Pocket Monsters Best Wishes!}}'', will focus on Satoshi's journey to the {{bp|Isshu}} {{bp|region}}, where he will meet new characters such as {{bp|Iris}}, her {{p|Kibago}}, {{bp|Dento}} and {{bp|Professor Araragi|Dr. Araragi}}.