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September CoroCoro begins to leak

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blurb=Scans from the recently leaked September issue of CoroCoro have been found on 2ch boards and on Twitter, revealing new Pokémon, and new information about already known characters. }}
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[[File:CoroCoro BW28.jpg|thumb|New Pokémon]]
[[File:CoroCoro_BW29{{ud|3}} Full scans have now surfaced.jpg|thumb|Aloe]]
{{ud|2}} New scans of new Pokémon have been leaked, along with information on new characters, locations and game features.
{{ud}} The scan featuring five Pokémon was fake. The other two images, the cell phone images, are real.
Scans from the recently leaked September issue of CoroCoro have started to appear online, revealing a wealth of new information on the games {{game|Black and White|s}}.
File:CoroCoro Sept 1.jpg
File:CoroCoro Sept 2.jpg
File:CoroCoro Sept 3.jpg
File:CoroCoro Sept 4.jpg
File:CoroCoro Sept 5.jpg
File:CoroCoro Sept 6.jpg
File:CoroCoro Sept 7.jpg
File:CoroCoro Sept 8.jpg
File:CoroCoro Sept 9.jpg
File:CoroCoro Sept 10.jpg
===Cell phone images===
File:CoroCoro_BW30.jpg|Shikijika's seasonal forms
{{bp|Dento}} is the {{bp|Gym Leader}} of 「サンヨウシティ」 ''Sanyou City'', the first location with a {{bp|Gym}}. The second {{bp|Gym}}'s Gym Leader is the character Aloe, a woman with green hair, dark skin and an apron,. is revealed to be theThis Gym Leaderis ofin 「シッポウシティ」 ''Shippo City''.
{{New| Pokémon
| valign="top" | {{New Pokémon
|abilitywt={{a|Swift Swim}}19.5
|ability={{a|Chlorophyll}} or 「そうしょく」 ''Herbivore''
| valign="top" | {{New Pokémon
|ability={{a|Swarm}} or {{a|Chlorophyll}}
| valign="top" | {{New Pokémon
|ability=「しろいつばさ」{{a|Keen ''WhiteEye}} Wing''or Pigeon Breast
| valign="top" | {{New Pokémon
|name= ブロッコモグリュー
|rom= BurokkoMoguryuu
|ability={{a|Chlorophyll}}「すなかき」 ''Sand Throw'' or {{a|Solar「すなのちから」 ''Sand Power}}''
|moves=「めばえのいぶき」 ''Sprout Breath''
{{New Pokémon|-
| valign="top" | {{New Pokémon
|ability={{a|Illuminate}} or {{a|Keen Eye}}
| valign="top" | {{New Pokémon
|ability={{a|Swift SwimHydration}} or 「いやしのこころ」 ''Healing Heart''
|moves=「アクアツイスト」 ''Aqua Twist''
==Other details==
Players start their journey in 「カノコタウン」 ''Kanoko Town''. The game features known as Rotation Battles, Miracle Shooter and Battle Subway were also explained by the magazine.
A new Pokémon was also revealed to be present in the demo of the games Pokémon Black and White.
{{New Pokémon
|img=BW Prerelease Basculin battle.png
|type1moves=Normal{{m|Aqua Jet}}, {{m|Uproar}} and {{m|Headbutt}}
[[File:CoroCoro_BW30.jpg|thumb|Shikijika's seasonal forms]]