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September CoroCoro begins to leak

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blurb=Scans from the recently leaked September issue of CoroCoro have been found on 2ch boards and on Twitter, revealing new Pokémon, and new information about already known characters. }}
{{CategorizeIn|Games|8|10}}{{CategorizeIn|New Pokémon|8|10}}{{catg|bw}}
{{ud|3}} Full scans have now surfaced.
{{ud|2}} New scans of new Pokémon have been leaked, along with information on new characters, locations and game features.
File:CoroCoro Sept 1.jpg
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File:CoroCoro Sept 3.jpg
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===Cell phone images===
{{bp|Dento}} is the {{bp|Gym Leader}} of 「サンヨウシティ」 ''Sanyou City'', the first location with a {{bp|Gym}}. The second {{bp|Gym}}'s Gym Leader is the character Aloe, a woman with green hair, dark skin and an apron. This Gym is in 「シッポウシティ」 ''Shippo City''.
{{New| Pokémon
| valign="top" | {{New Pokémon
|ability={{a|Chlorophyll}} or 「そうしょく」 ''Herbivore''
| valign="top" | {{New Pokémon
|ability={{a|Swarm}} or {{a|Chlorophyll}}
{{New Pokémon|-
| valign="top" | {{New Pokémon
|ability={{a|Keen Eye}} or Pigeon HeartBreast
| valign="top" | {{New Pokémon
|abilitywt={{a|Hydration}} or 「いやしのこころ」 ''Greedy Heart''8.5
|ability=「すなかき」 ''Sand Throw'' or 「すなのちから」 ''Sand Power''
{{New Pokémon|-
| valign="top" | {{New Pokémon
|ability={{a|Illuminate}} or {{a|Keen Eye}}
| valign="top" | {{New Pokémon
|abilitywt=「すなかき」 ''Sand Throw'' or 「すなのちから」 ''Sand Power''31.6
|ability={{a|Hydration}} or 「いやしのこころ」 ''Healing Heart''
==Other details==
|img=BW Prerelease Basculin battle.png