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Best Wishes preview airs, reveals new details

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The preview, which aired after {{bp|DP189}}, shows that {{bp|Ash Ketchum|Satoshi}} will indeed appear in the upcoming series. Satoshi is seen using Pikachu to battle a wild {{bp|Mamepato (Pokémon)|Mamepato}}, meeting {{bp|Dento}} in a café, meeting {{bp|Iris}} in a forest, and catching a Pokémon.
TV Tokyo also revamped the Best Wishes part of their site today. While not giving much information, it does show that Dento owns the latest revealed Pokémon, {{p|Yanappu}} belongs to Dento.
''{{bp|Diamond and Pearl}}'' will end on September 9th and ''{{bp|Best Wishes}}'' will begin airing on September 23rd.