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Ads for Pokémon Black and White feature unseen footage

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Notably, {{bp|Iris}} can be seen in the clips. It was previously thought by many that Iris was an original creation for the anime series, whereas it appears now that she has some role to play in the games.
Elsewhere in the clips, cutscenes show a child (possibly N) surrounded by wild Pokémon, and more is seen of the mysterious "coronation" cutscene glimpsed in previous videos. The new animation for evolution is shown, as is what seesmseems to be the Daycare, and {{p|Koromori}} is shown hatching from an egg. New overworld effects appear, such as quicksand and a new surfing mechanic, as well as more footage of different seasons.
{{bp|Team Plasma}} appear in a scene involving a preserved skeleton, and the player is seen inside {{bp|Dento}}'s Gym, receiving the Gym Badge.