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Talk:The Biggest Loser: A Battler's Perspective

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@Pawsrent: Most battle communities enforce species clause, which prevents Pokemon of the same Pokedex number from being used. Same Pokedex number meaning that different forms of the same Pokemon may not be used on the same team. However, you are partially right because at the time this article was written, the VGC international tournament didn't happen yet and apparently the most popular uber after Palkia and Kyogre was Scarf Giratina AF.
== Funny thing is... ==
...Black and White coming out could mean even a decrowning of the beast known as Deoxys A, not to mention that Triple and Rotation Battles give whole new chances for once forgotten Pokemon to shine (By the way, with Combination attacks, I am predicting the Fire Oath/Water Oath Combo may possibly put Togekiss into Triple Battle Ubers. After all, a rainbow that boosts the chances of secondary effects? If that stacks with Serene Grace, then Pokemon like Togekiss and even Dunsparce will tear the battle field up [[User:Shadowater|Shadowater]] 10:34, 6 September 2010 (UTC)