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Japanese blog reveals new Pokémon

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tagline=Pokémon old and new seen in Musical |
blurb=Sasuga Pokémon Brothers Blog has posted a video of a new trailer on their blog, as seen in the Yokohama Pokémon Center. The video shows an opening seen in the demo version of Black and White. It shows the beginnings of a Pokémon Musical. The Pokémon participating are Chillarmy, Tabunne, and one or two unknown Pokémon. }}
[[File:BW Yokohama Advertisement 1.png|right|thumb|First of two new Pokémon seen (left)]]
In the {{bp|Pokémon_Center_(store)#Yokohama|Yokohama Pokémon Center}}, an advertisement featuring {{p|Chillarmy}}, {{p|Tabunne}}, and two unknown Pokémon is currently airing. The Sasuga Pokémon Brothers Blog was able to post, on the eighteenth of August, two images of the two unknown Pokémon. The Pokémon are obstructed by Pokémon Musical accessories, and they have yet to be revealed by any other means.