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First three Triumphant cards uncovered

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The four booster designs feature {{TCG|Magmortar}}, {{TCG|Electivire}}, {{TCG|Dialga}}, and {{TCG|Palkia}}. Dialga and Palkia are again featured on the four pocket binder, and {{TCG|Mamoswine}} and {{TCG|Nidoking}} are featured on both the nine pocket binder, and are the main cards in the theme decks {{TCG|Verdant Frost}} and {{TCG|Royal Guard}}.
[[File:CelebiTriumphant92.jpg|rightleft|180px|thumb|left|Celebi Prime]]
In addition, Poké has revealed the number of cards to be 102. This count does not include any secret cards, and it also leaves fourteen cards out from {{TCG|Lost Link}} and {{TCG|Clash at the Summit}}.