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Pokémon Pia information begins to surface

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[[File:Pokemon Pia.png|thumb|left|170px|The cover of Pokémon Pia]]
Information and pictures from Pokémon Pia, a special magazine on sale September 10th, have begun to surface on 2ch. Among the information revealed so far is an interview of art director {{bp|Ken Sugimori}}, in which he discusses the development of the {{game|Black and White|s}} {{bp|starter Pokémon}} and their evolutions.
[[File:Pia Sugimori interview.png|thumb|140px|right|The Sugimori interview, discussing the starter Pokémon]]
In the article, Sugimori explained that {{p|Tsutarja}}, {{p|Pokabu}}, and {{p|Mijumaru}}'s final evolutions had been divided into Western, Chinese, and Japanese designs, respectively. He elaborated especially on Mijumaru's final evolution, which can be seen in the translation of the interview provided below: