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October CoroCoro begins to leak

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tagline=Gym Leaders, many new Pokémon featured|
blurb=The October issue of CoroCoro has begun to leak onto the internet. The leaders of Sanyou City's Gym are featured, among many new Pokémon revealed. }}
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[[File:BWThe PrereleaseOctober Threeissue Leadersof CoroCoro has begun to leak onto the internet.jpg|right|thumb|The gymScans leaders]]of the issue reveal many new Pokémon and characters.
The October issue of CoroCoro has begun to leak onto the internet. The {{bp|Gym Leader}}s of {{bp|Sanyou City}}'s {{bp|Gym}} are featured. There will be three leaders in the Gym, Corn, Pod and {{bp|Dent}} (formerly referred to as Dento on Bulbanews and Bulbapedia), and the leader the player battles will depend on the {{bp|starter Pokémon}} they selected at the beginning of the game. The Gym Leader with the advantageous type to the starter Pokémon will be the one battled.
More scans have surfaced. Both pages are full of new Pokémon and evolutions of previously-revealed Pokémon. [[File:October Coro Coro 1.png|thumb|left|Page one of the update]]==Scans==
[[File:October Coro Coro 2.png|thumb|left|Page two of the update]]<gallery>
File:BW Prerelease Three Leaders.jpg|The gym leaders
File:October Coro Coro 1.png|Page one of the update
File:October Coro Coro 2.png|Page two of the update
{| align="center" style="background: #a0a0c4; -moz-border-radius: 10px; border: 5px solid #bbbbe8"Pokémon==
|-{{New Pokémon
! style="background: #ccf; -moz-border-radius-topleft: 5px;" | Pokémonalign=left
! style="background: #ccf" | Specieswidth=100
! style="background: #ccf" | Type 1px=150px
! style="background: #ccf" | Type 2img=Victini.png
! style|name="background: #ccf" |ビクティニ Ability
! style="background: #ccf; -moz-border-radius-topright: 5px;" | Second Abilityrom=Victini
|- styletype1="background: #ddf"Psychic
! Yorterri |type2=Fire
|moves=Flame PuppySphere (Can cause Burn; Hits all other Pokémon on the field)
| Normal}}
|{{New -Pokémon
| Vital Spiritalign=left
| Pickupwidth=100
|- styleimg="background: #ddf"
! Basurao |name=ジャノビー
| Violentrom=Janoby
|species=Grass WaterSnake
| -type1=Grass
| Recklessht=0.8
| Adaptabilitywt=16
|- styleability="background: #ddf"{{a|Overgrow}}
|Dark{{New Pokémon
| -align=left
|- stylename="background: #ddf"チャオブー
|Healingspecies=Fire Pig
| -type2=Fighting
|Healing Heartht=1
|- styleability="background: #ddf"{{a|Blaze}}
|Cotton Ball}}
|Grass{{New Pokémon
| -align=left
|Teasing Heartwidth=100
|Slip Throughimg=
|- stylename="background: #ddf"フタチマル
| -ht=0.8
|Own Tempoability={{a|Torrent}}
|- stylepre="background: #ddf"Mijumaru
|Mushroom{{New Pokémon
|Effect Sporeimg=
| -name=バオップ
|- stylerom="background: #ddf"Baoppu
!Baffulon|species=High Temperature
|Butting Bulltype1=Fire
| -wt=11
|Herbivorousmoves=「はじけるほのお」 ''Flame Burst'' (Damages nearby opponents)
|- styleother="background:Gym Leader Pod has #ddf"one
!Dangoro }}
|Mantle{{New Pokémon
| -width=100
| -name=ヒヤップ
|- stylerom="background: #ddf"Hiyappu
!Mebukijika|species=Water Splash
|Chlorophyllmoves=「ねっとう」 ''Boiling Water'' (May inflict Burn)
|- styleother="background:Gym Leader Corn has #ddf"one
|Casket{{New Pokémon
| -width=100
| -name=バスラオ
|- stylerom="background: #ddf"Basurao
|Chin Horntype1=Water
|Rivalryability={{a|Reckless}} or {{a|Adaptibility}}
|Moldother=Has Breakertwo forms that depend on the game version
|- style="background: #ddf"}}
!Denchura{{New Pokémon
|Electric Spideralign=left
|- stylespecies="background: #ddf"Puppy
|Deep Earthht=0.4
|Steelability={{a|Pickup}} or {{a|Vital Spirit}}
|Sandmoves=「ふるいたてる」 Paddle''Cheer Up'' (Increases its Attack and Special Attack stats)
|Sand Power}}
|-{{New style="background: #ddf"Pokémon
|ability={{a|Limber}} or {{a|Unburden}}
{{New Pokémon
|ability=「ミイラ」 ''Mummy''
{{New Pokémon
|species=Jaw Horn
|ability={{a|Rivalry}} or {{a|Mold Breaker}}
|moves=「ドラゴンテール」 ''Dragon Tail''
{{New Pokémon
|species=Electric Spider
|ability={{a|Compoundeyes}} or 「きんちょうかん」 ''Tension'' (Prevents opponents from using berries)
{{New Pokémon
|species=Deep Earth
|ability=Sand Power or Sand Paddle
{{New Pokémon
|species=Headbutt Bull
|ability={{a|Reckless}} or Herbivore
{{New Pokémon
|moves=「うちおとす」 ''Strike Down''
{{New Pokémon
|ability={{a|Chlorophyll}} or Herbivore
|other=Form changes with the season
{{New Pokémon
|ability=Healing Heart or 「さいせいりょく」 ''Regeneration''
|moves=「いやしのはどう」 ''Healing Beam'' (Restores HP of partners)
{{New Pokémon
|species=Cotton Ball
|ability=「いたずらごころ」 ''Mischievous Heart'' or 「すりぬけ」 ''Slip Through''
|other=Exclusive to Pokémon Black Version
{{New Pokémon
|ability={{a|Chlorophyll}} or {{a|Own Tempo}}
|other=Exclusive to Pokémon White Version
{{New Pokémon
|ability={{a|Effect Spore}}
|moves=「クリアスモッグ」 ''Clearing Smoke'' (Effect similar to {{m|Haze}})
{{New Pokémon
|moves=Eleci Ball (Damage depends on the difference of the Speed stat between the user and the target)
{{New Pokémon
|moves=Cross Fire (Damage increases when user is hit by Cross Thunder)
{{New Pokémon
|moves=Cross Thunder (Damage increases when user is hit by Cross Fire)
* The {{bp|Team Plasma}} member seen in various trailers in the past is 「ゲーチス」 ''Geechisu''. He is met for the first time in Garuku Town, the second town in the game.
* The character N has the {{type|Dark}} Choroneko.
* Sanyou City, where the first Gym of the games will be, has three Gym Leaders: {{bp|Dent}} (formerly refered to as "Dento" on Bulbapedia and Bulbanews), Pod and Corn. The Gym Leader to be faced depends on the starter chosen. Those who chose {{p|Tsutarja}} will battle Pod and his Baoppu, those who choose {{p|Pokabu}} will battle Corn and his Hiyappu and those who choose {{p|Mijumaru}} will battle Dent and his Yanappu; all of these Pokémon have a type advantage over the starters chosen.
* {{bp|Aloe}}, the Gym Leader of the second Gym in the games, mainly trains {{type|Normal}} Pokémon.
* Upon transfering over the necessary Pokémon, {{p|Zorua}} can be found in {{bp|Hiun City}} while Zoroark can be found in the Illusion Woods.
* Fans around the world may play the games in the Pokémon Dream World even if they don't have Pokémon Black or White.
* The character Makomo is present in the Dream World.