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Characters: Really guys?
* The {{bp|Team Plasma}} member seen in various trailers in the past is 「ゲーチス」 ''Geechisu''. He is met for the first time in GarukuKarakusa Town, the second town in the game.
* The character N has the {{type|Dark}} Choroneko.
* Sanyou City, where the first Gym of the games will be, has three Gym Leaders: {{bp|Dent}} (formerly referedreferred to as "Dento" on Bulbapedia and Bulbanews), Pod and Corn. The Gym Leader to be faced depends on the starter chosen. Those who chose {{p|Tsutarja}} will battle Pod and his Baoppu, those who choose {{p|Pokabu}} will battle Corn and his Hiyappu and those who choose {{p|Mijumaru}} will battle Dent and his Yanappu; all of these Pokémon have a type advantage over the starters chosen.
* {{bp|Aloe}}, the Gym Leader of the second Gym in the games, mainly trains {{type|Normal}} Pokémon.