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Pokémon Sunday shows new Black and White footage

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* {{p|Minezumi}}'s Pokédex information was shown.
* There is a Poké Mart inside a Pokémon Center.
* Pokémon Trainer {{pbp|N}} has the cat-like Pokémon {{p|Choroneko}}.
* {{m|Cut}} can be used to pass through a gate.
* {{bp|Makomo}} will give the player a {{bp|C-Gear}} if they show her a {{p|Munna}}.
* {{bpp|Victini}} was shown in battle.
* New Pokémon were shown, including {{p|Desukaan}} (the mummy one), {{p|Denchura}} (the electric spider), and {{p|Baoppu}} (the fire monkey).