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Pokémon Sunday shows new Black and White footage

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[[File:Dancing SlowkingSlowpoke.jpg|thumb||220px|right|Fans were teased in more ways than one...]]
The latest episode of ''{{bp|Pokémon Sunday}}'' has aired. While the episode shed no new light on the fandom's current debate on whether scans that have circulated recently are real or not, new footage from the upcoming {{game|Black and White|s}} teased those watching.
* The starter Pokémon is a gift from the player character's parent, rather than {{bp|Professor Araragi}}.
* {{bp|Team Plasma}} Grunts use {{p|Minezumi}}.
* {{p|Minezumi}}'s Pokédex information was shown (below).
* There is a Poké Mart inside a Pokémon Center.
* Pokémon Trainer {{bp|N}} has the cat-like Pokémon {{p|Choroneko}}.
* New Pokémon were shown, including {{p|Desukaan}} (the mummy one), {{p|Denchura}} (the electric spider), {{p|Ononokusu}} (the tusk dragon), and {{p|Baoppu}} (the fire monkey) was seen as a silhouette.
Footage from the ''{{bp|Best Wishes!}}'' anime and information about the Black and White TCG were also shown. A {{p|SlowkingSlowpoke}} dancing to music by late American singer {{wp|Michael Jackson}} was also seen. Regretfully, SlowkingSlowpoke elected to dance to Jackson's ''{{wp|Billie Jean}}'' rather than the more relevant hit ''{{wp|Black or White}}''.
==Gallery of images==
File:BW PS Bel Cheren.png|Bel and Cheren
File:BW PS Araragi lab.png|Araragi's lab
File:BW PS Dex receive.png|Receiving the Pokédex
File:BW PS Minezumi Dex.png|Minezumi's Pokédex entry
File:BW PS Masuda Choroneko.png|Masuda and Choroneko
File:BW PS Field Move.png|Minezumi using a field move
File:BW PS Desukaan Shimama battle.png|New Pokémon Desukaan battling Shimama
File:BW PS Desukaan info.png|New Pokémon Desukaan
File:BW PS Denchura info.png|New Pokémon Denchura
File:BW PS Ononokusu info.png|New Pokémon Ononokusu