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TPCi quietly releases Repack Box Kits
It is about your last news speaking about Player Collection/Pack promotion. [] I am glad you have taken a pic from my website, even if they come from Skitty (he is a Pokegym member).
The Pokécardex link you gived [] and another article I wrote [] are just showing images that show the real content of the packs, content which is slightly different compared to the commercial pics and even contains unplayable cards (for example Metagross pack with Platinum : Arceus boosters, when in fact all of them are unplayable boosters). I just though you should add to your news that, contrary to what is showed on the commercial pics, there is some unplayable boosters between the packs. (I would like to find an image about the Gyarados pack to confirm this.)
What do you think about it ?