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Artist TopHat completes wallpaper collection

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I finished up and decided I'd officially "end" the project on Friday. Over the next day I had thought about why I had ended up finishing the entire Pokédex: the Pokémon fans, obviously. That's when it hit me: I should involve the community with the "finale" of the project. Over the course of Black and White coverage, it was obvious that the different news sites felt some hostility towards each other, and I thought by inviting people to participate it could serve as a reminder that we are all friends of the franchise. I was probably thinking too deep, but the idea had already been planted in my brain.
I contacted [ GoNintendo], {{bp||Pokejungle}}, {{bp|Legendary Pokémon (site)|Legendary Pokémon}} and {{bp|Bulbagarden}} to participate in the finale.|TopHat}}
Bulbagarden and Bulbanews are now hosting the final wallpaper from the "the493" collection, as well as informing the larger community of the wallpaper collection. We invite you to take a look through the wallpapers from the493 as well as the Isshu Collection.