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StrategyWiki joins NIWA

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[[File:StrategyWiki logo.png|thumb|StrategyWiki's logo|right]]{{bp|StrategyWiki}}, a wiki that details many guides and strategies of video games, has officially joined NIWA today, bringing the total number of wikis to 10. The wiki was founded in 2005, and now has over 3,500 articles and over 50,000 users.
NIWA, short for the {{bp|Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance}} is a network of wikis that aims to be independent from wiki farms, such as Wikia. The alliance started out with 3 wikis, rapidly growing to many more, six months later. StrategyWiki is the {{tt|fourth|third if the Pikmin wikis are counted as the same}} wiki to join the alliance in October, which was only going to be two new wikis at first, then three new wikis.