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Bulbagarden announces return of Evolutions

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New RPG project :D
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{{bp|Bulbagarden}} proudly announces the return of the Evolutions RPG series. The previous chapter, Evolutions: Celadon City Blues, has been ended, with the new chapter, Evolution to Destiny, beginning slightly after the planned ending of E:CCB's plot. The new plot incorporates some of the old plot from the previous chapter, which was unfortunately ended earlier than expected due to GM time constraints and overall inactivity; however, the new plot manages to bring in new twists and turns.

When asked to comment, the Game Master Evolutions has this to say, "Nothing is certain anymore, only that change comes on swift wings..." In an unrelated note, for a limited time, people who purchase items from the store, may also pick up to three any non-battle items as well.

== Links ==
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