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Fans wake up to Dream World artwork

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blurb=New artwork for selected Pokémon available in the new Pokémon Dream World has been revealed. The art release accompanies new artwork by Ken Sugimori that was first seen in the latest edition of CoroCoro magazine. }}
{{CategorizeIn|Games|10|10}}[[File:002Ivysaur Dream.png|200px|thumb|right|The Dream World artwork has a different feel to the Sugimori artwork also revealed this week.]]
New scansartwork fromfor theselected NovemberPokémon 2010available issuein ofthe CoroCoronew Comics{{bp|Pokémon haveDream surfacedWorld}} onhas thebeen Internetrevealed. The scansart featurerelease accompanies new artwork by {{bp|Ken Sugimori}} that was first seen in the latest artworksedition of severalCoroCoro newmagazine Pokémonwhich andleaked charactersonto forthe {{game|Blackinternet andlast White|s}}week.
Most of the Pokémon available in the Dream World have had artwork published on the Dream World website. This group includes franchise mascot, {{p|Pikachu}}, and Bulbanews's mascot, {{p|Bulbasaur}}. Black and White mascots {{p|Reshiram}} and {{p|Zekrom}} also have Dream World art. It is expected that all Pokémon will have Dream World art, even if they cannot be obtained in this method.
From the art we've seen so far, there is a stark contrast between the Dream World art and Sugimori art that has been released with Pokémon games over recent years. The Dream World art uses brighter, bolder colors and thicker lines, with a different feel to Sugimori's now familiar style. Some Pokémon are colored differently than usual: {{p|Ivysaur}} traditionally has red eyes, but its new Dream World art shows it with purple eyes.
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File:538Nageki_Dream.png|Nageki art from the Dream World
File:538Nageki.png|Nageki art by Ken Sugimori
The Pokémon Dream World is a new feature for {{bp|Pokémon Black and White Versions}}. It allows Trainers to expand their Pokémon collection via the internet: often with species not native to Isshu. Often these Pokémon have unique abilities to their non-Dream World counterparts.
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