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Former anime writer passes away

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{{update}} At 4:03 AM JST on October 29th, Shudō has been pronounced dead at the age of 61.
MSN Japan reports that {{bp|Takeshi Shudō}}, former head writer of the {{bp|Pokémon anime}}, collapsed at Nara railway station's smoking area around 6:00am on Thursday, October 28th. Upon being discovered by a passerby, he was rushed to the hospital and is undergoing surgery. It was soon determined at the hospital's emergency care center that Shudō had suffered a {{wp|subarachnoid hemorrhage}} in his head.
* [ MSN Japan] (Japanese)
* [ Blog of Masatoshi Tahara, producer of Legend of the Galactic Heroes, confirming Shudō's death] (Japanese)
* [ Announcement of Shudō's death on 47NEWS] (Japanese)