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The Biggest Loser: A Battler's Perspective

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It's the end of another generation, and the time leading up to the next set of games is a time where every player reflects on his or her experience with the previous ones. {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s}} were significant as attacks could be physical or special regardless of type. {{v2|Platinum}}, {{2v2|HeartGold|SoulSilver}} expanded the movepools of many Pokémon and many previously underrepresented types finally got their time in the spotlight. But what Pokémon have been left in the dust? Which ones have been unable to adjust to all the changes? Who is the Biggest Loser, and what does it say about the metagame? In this article, I will attempt to pick out the top five Pokémon, both old and new, most deserving of the title "The Biggest Loser". For the old, the question is who was most adversely affected by the generation gap; for the new, the question is which have been unable to keep up with the constantly shifting metagame. And unlike the reality show, being called that isn't a good thing.