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First two episodes for December 2010 revealed

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[[File:557Ishizumai557Dwebble Dream.png|thumb|left|Ishizumai]]
[[File:568Yabukuron568Trubbish Dream.png|thumb|right|Yabukuron]]
The eleventh and twelfth episode of the Pocket Monsters Best Wishes anime series, 「イシズマイ!自分の家をとりもどせ!!」 ''Ishizumai! Take Back Your House!!'' and 「ヤブクロン戦隊と秘密基地!?」 ''The Yabukuron Squad and the Secret Base!?'' , will air Dec. 2 and Dec. 9, respectively.
The episodes will feature a {{p|Ishizumai}} and a {{p|Yabukuron}}, respectively.
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