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** [[bmgf:90432|Fanfiction]] {{color|00AB47|'''LAUNCHED'''}}
** Fanart
** [[bmgf:89551|Photography]] {{color|00AB47|'''LAUNCHED'''}}
** [[bmgf:89720|Trading Card Game]] {{color|00AB47|'''LAUNCHED'''}}
** [[bmgf:89652|Fourth and fifth generation competitive battling]] {{color|00AB47|'''LAUNCHED'''}}
** [[bmgf:88904|Roleplay]] {{color|00AB47|'''LAUNCHED'''}}
** Roleplay
** [[bmgf:90681|Festive riddle games]] {{color|00AB47|'''LAUNCHED'''}}
** Festive riddle games <!-- as far as I'm aware, this list is up to date. No one's told me I'm missing anything, so... -->
* On Bulbanews
** [[bmgf:89729|Opinion-writing contest]] {{color|00AB47|'''LAUNCHED'''}}
* On Bulbapedia