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'Zoroark: Master of Illusions' to debut February 5

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Poké has revealed the first information on the English dub of the {{bp|M13|thirteenth Pokémon movie}}, to be titled ''Zoroark: Master of Illusions'', which will premiere Feb. 5 on Cartoon Network. The movie takes place in {{bp|Crown City}}. While it does feature the {{bp|Pokémon Baccer World Cup}}, it mainly features a mother {{p|Zoroark}}, its offspring {{p|Zorua}}, {{p|Celebi}} and the shiny {{bp|legendary beasts}}.
In addition, distribution details of Shiny {{p|Raikou}}, {{p|Entei}}, and {{p|Suicune}} were announced. These Shiny Pokémon will be available to players of any of the five {{bp|Generation IV}} games at GameStop locations for a week each between Jan. 3 and Feb. 6. Raikou will be distributed from Jan. 3 to 9, Entei from Jan. 17 to 23, and Suicune from Jan. 31 to Feb. 6. These Pokémon will be at level 30 and in a Cherish Ball while holding a Classic Ribbon. As with their Japanese counterparts, these shiny Pokémon will know moves they would normally not know, and they will be holding berries. Raikou has the {{bp|Micle Berry}}, is of the Rash {{bp|nature}}, and knows {{m4|Zap Cannon|Weather Ball|Aura Sphere|ExtremespeedExtremeSpeed}}. Entei has the {{bp|Custap Berry}}, is of the Adamant nature, and knows {{m4|Flare Blitz|Crush Claw|Howl|ExtremespeedExtremeSpeed}}. Lastly, Suicune has the {{bp|Rowap Berry}}, is of the Relaxed nature, and knows {{m4|Sheer Cold|Aqua Ring|Air Slash|ExtremespeedExtremeSpeed}}. Transferring one of these three to {{game|Black and White|s}} will allow players to catch a level 25 female {{p|Zoroark}}.